The Battle of Chancellorsville: Lee's Greatest Gamble

July 27-31, 2022

It’s not possible for anyone to truly understand the Battle of Gettysburg without having a solid understanding of the Battle of Chancellorsville. The mortal wounding of Stonewall Jackson, Hooker losing his nerve, Sickles being ordered to abandon Hazel Grove, and other similar events helped to shape the forthcoming Gettysburg Campaign. We will enjoy an in-depth multi-day tour of sites associated with the Battle of Chancellorsville, and we will conclude that tour at the Stonewall Jackson Death Site at Guinea Station.

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Cavalry in the Civil War

October 20-23, 2022

Our fall 2022 program will conclude our study of the role of the various branches of the armies during the Civil War by focusing on the role of the cavalry. This program will be based in Chambersburg. Join our program coordinator, Eric Wittenberg, as he leads an all-day tour of cavalry sites at Gettysburg, as an all day tour of the Brandy Station battlefield in Culpeper County, Virginia, where we will visit the site of the largest cavalry battle ever fought on the North American continent and where the first engagement of the Gettysburg Campaign occurred.

The Trifecta Tour: New Orleans & Louisiana

MARCH 2024

We plan to host this tour in March 2024 in New Orleans, Louisiana! It will be known as The Trifecta Tour because our event will cover aspects of three different wars. We will visit the War of 1812 battlefield at Chalmette, we will tour sites associated with the Civil War, and we will enjoy a full day at the National World War II Museum. Take in the sights and enjoy the wonderful gastronomic treats that the Crescent City has to offer.