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Gueset reviews of Chambersburg Civil War Seminars & Tours
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We take great pride in delivering an exceptional tour experience! Please take a moment to review testimonials of past tour attendees.

“Everything and everyone was awesome! Another great seminar with so much valuable information! Hope to attend next year.”

– Beverly S., Pennsylvania, 2021 Civil War Tour Attendee 

“Very good coverage, especially Antietam. I gained a much better appreciation of the ground and distances involved at both battlegrounds. 

– George W., Ohio, 2021 Civil War Tour Attendee 

“This is the first time I have ever done a trip like this. My hat goes off to your logistics team. Enjoyed going back and checking the sites Mr. David Powell encouraged us to check out later.”

– Gary B., Pennsylvania, 2021 Civil War Tour Attendee 

“What a great job you and your team did. I have never had a week like this and cannot wait to do it again.”

– Ralph S., New Jersey, Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guide, 2019 Civil War Tour Attendee 

“Excellent as always. I always learn so much that I can later delve into." - Donna M., Pennsylvania, 2019 Civil War Tour Attendee

“A well-organized and executed seminar manned by willing, helpful, cooperative and professional staff." - Jay K., Mississippi, 2019 Civil War Tour Attendee

“I have checked all 'great' because I mean it. I can think of no improvements that can be make. Just keep up the good field tours and getting such outstanding speakers. They cannot be surpassed." - Daniel J., New York, 2018 Civil War Tour Attendee

“Great seminar! The speakers were top notch. I had never been to D.C. Civil War sites, so this was a real treat. We were able to drive up the driveway to Dr. Mudd's House, which was nice to see."

 - Gail D., Massachusetts, 2018 Civil War Tour Attendee

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Chambersburg Civil War Seminars & Tours is an affiliate of the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of this partnership is to drive awareness about our local military heritage and support local businesses.


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