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OCT 26-29, 2023


Welcome to our fall 2023 program, which is a deep dive into Jubal Early’s 1864 invasion of Maryland and other events associated with that invasion. We will address most aspects of this particular campaign, including, but not limited to, seeing the South Mountain passes to the west of Frederick where the first fighting took place, the entire Monocacy battlefield, Fort Stevens and the nearby Battleground National Cemetery, Second Kernstown, Morefield, and finally, the burning of Chambersburg. 

*Early Bird Pricing - Save $30 when you register for the Members or Non-Members Conference Package by September 25, 2023. Use code EARLYBIRD29 for Members, code EARLYBIRD30 for Non-Members when registering online.



· Conference based at Hampton Inn at 955 Lesher Rd., Chambersburg, Pa 17202.

Conference Location:

Hampton Inn

955 Lesher Road

Chambersburg, PA 17202


 All participants are responsible for arranging hotel accommodations for the seminar, which is not included in tour price. $108/night double occupancy plus tax. Special pricing for participants based on room availability. When making reservations, mention Chambersburg Civil War Seminars. Use code CWS online.

· Deluxe continental breakfast for Hampton Inn guests each morning. 

· Check-In will be in the hotel lobby about 1 hour before the day’s activities begin. You only need to check-in once.

· Each participant will receive a packet of tactical maps and a name badge at check-in

· Classroom sessions will be held in the Hampton Inn conference room.

· Bus tours will leave from the Hampton Inn parking lot at the specified time.

· Civil War & More Book Vendor available during conference selling works by our speakers. Please patronize this local business!




· Bus leaves from Hampton Inn

· Lunch included

· Return by 5 p.m.

· Dinner on your own


8:30  a.m. - 5 p.m. Jubal’s Monocacy Raid Bus Tour led by Scott Patchan


Bus Tour Description:

 Sites to visit:

  • Bolivar Heights, Harpers Ferry

  • Cavalry Actions from Middletown to Frederick

  • South Mountain

  • Monocacy Battlefield

  • Visitors Center

  • Worthington Farm

  • Thomas Farm

  • Jug Bridge

  • Cool Spring Battlefield


Dinner on your own.


7 - 9 p.m. Mingling in North/South Conference Room. Book Vendor Civil War &

More on site.


8:30  a.m.—12 p.m.  Morning Lectures

  • Lectures held at Hampton Inn’s North/South Room at 955 Lesher Road in Chambersburg.

  • Book Vendor, Civil War & More on site

  • Lectures include:


Welcome & Introduction by Eric Wittenberg, program coordinator


“Washington D.C. at War: The Battle of Fort Stevens” by Steve Phan

 The capital of the United States was under threat. The Confederate Army of the Valley District, commanded by Lt. Gen. Jubal Early, advanced south along the Rockville-Georgetown Pike on the morning of July 10, 1864. The day was hot and humid, and dust covered the road as the exhausted rebel force aimed to complete their campaign by seizing Washington D.C. 

Awaiting the Confederate army was Fortress Washington, one of the most heavily fortified cities in the world. By summer 1864, the elaborate defensive system encircling Washington comprised 68 forts, 93 detached batteries, 5 blockhouses, fortified bridges, over 30 miles of military roads, and armament massing 800 cannons. Supplementing the defenses was a garrison of over 30,000 men. The capital defenders comprised heavy artillerist—expertly trained to operate the large caliber artillery pieces mounted in the forts—together with a mix of infantry and cavalry regiments. As Early's men reached the gates of Washington, the defenses roared into action. The resulting engagement saved the capital and the Lincoln Administration.


“Then Came the Tug of War”: Fighting at Monocacy’s Jug Bridge by Ryan Quint

On July 9, 1864, along the banks of the Monocacy River, a patched-together force of Federal soldiers under the command of Maj. Gen. Lew Wallace sought to stem the tide of nearly 15,000 Confederates marching on Washington, D.C. Wallace, though outnumbered nearly 2:1, fought a delaying action in what came to be known as the ‘Battle that Saved Washington.’ Several Ohio units, brand new to the service, played a pivotal role in the battle by securing Wallace’s right and keeping Confederate attackers at bay. This talk examines that part of the fighting at Monocacy, detailing some of the personas involved, and how the action on the northern end of the battlefield fits into the larger context of Wallace’s defense.



12 - 2 p.m. Lunch on your own


2—5 p.m.  Afternoon Lectures

· Lectures held at Hampton Inn’s North/South Room at 955 Lesher Road. 



Destined to Fail: The Johnson-Gilmor Raid by Eric Wittenberg

While the Battle of Monocacy raged on July 9, 1864, Brig. Gen. Bradley T. Johnson and Maj. Harry Gilmor launched an ambitious cavalry raid intended to free Confederate prisoners of war from the Point Lookout prison camp. Saddled with an ambitious schedule that proved impossible to meet, this failed raid demonstrated the growing desperation among the Confederate high command after the heavy losses sustained during the recent Overland Campaign. As a sideshow to the main invasion, this raid nevertheless is an interesting and provocative study in strategic war fighting.




“I came to the conclusion it was time to open the eyes of the people of the North…” by Daniel Welch

So said Jubal Early of the days in late July 1864. After weeks of Union General David Hunter's scorched earth policies in the Shenandoah Valley, tactics that went far beyond the orders of General Ulysses S. Grant, Early believed he needed to set an "example in the way of retaliation." Now, as the month of July faded, Early detached Brig. Gen. John McCausland's command to ride to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, demand a ransom of the town, and, if not paid, ensure "the greater part of the town was laid in ashes." Follow the events that led to Early's decision, McCausland's ride, and the burning of Chambersburg in this program.

5 p.m. Dinner included


7 p.m. Battle of Morefield by Scott Patchan

Scott’s presentation will place the Battle of Moorefield within context of the larger Shenandoah Valley Campaign as well as McCausland’s overall Raid. He will focus on the leadership and how the lack of a cohesive Southern commander and the enterprising nature of Union commander William W. Averell turned a Northern black eye into a critical victory that crippled the CSA’s “Valley Cavalry” on the eve of the epic Phil Sheridan / Jubal Early Valley Campaign of 1864.  


· Bus leaves from Hampton Inn

· Lunch included

· Return by 5 p.m.

· Dinner on your own


8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Jubal’s Chambersburg Raid, Part 1 led by Scott Patchan

Sites to visit:

· Kernstown Battlefield

· Second Battle of Kernstown

· Romney

· Fort Stevens

· Battleground National Cemetery

· Moorefield, WV


Dinner on your own.


7-9 p.m. Mingling in North/South Conference Room. Book Vendor Civil War & More on site. *This is the last night Civil War & More will be available!



· Bus leaves from Hampton Inn

· Return by 12:30 p.m.


8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. “The Burning of Chambersburg” led by Scott Patchan and Eric J. Wittenberg


Bus Tour Description

 Sites to visit:

  • Downtown Chambersburg

  • Greencastle, Pa

  • McConnellsburg, Pa


Conference Completion by 12 p.m.


Thank you for your patronage!

Seminar registration fee schedule:

____$785 Members Conference Package (Entire program)

____$835 Non-Members Conference Package (Entire program)

____$235 Thursday Only

____$235 Friday Only

____$235 Saturday Only

 ____$190 Sunday Only

*Early Bird Pricing - Save $30 when you register for the Members or Non-Members Conference Package by September 25, 2023. Use code EARLYBIRD29 for Members, code EARLYBIRD30 for Non-Members when registering online.


Payment Policy: Full payment is due prior to seminar.

Cancellation Policy: -Seminar registrations cancelled two weeks before a scheduled seminar are subject to a $100 per person administrative fee; cancellations received within two weeks will be charged 50% of the registration fee, including partial registrations or $100 (whichever is greater).

►  Chambersburg Civil War Seminars and Tours, in making arrangements for the transportation, accommodations and other services referred to herein, acts only as an agent for the owner or operator, and its responsibility is limited to that of an agent. By registering for the Chambersburg Civil War Seminars with registration form, online,  or phone call, participant or those traveling with you agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce, and their agents, servants and employees, from and against any claim, cost, expense for liability (including attorney’s fees), attributable to bodily injury, sickness, disease, or death, or to damage to or destruction of property (including loss of use thereof) in connection with any accommodations, transportation or other travel services resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrences or condition beyond our control.

►  We reserve the right to make changes in the tours where necessary, due to unforeseen circumstances. We do not like to cancel tours but if we must cancel due to insufficient participation or other circumstances, our total obligation will be to refund all monies paid to us for the specific event.

►  We strive to accommodate all of our seminar participants. If you have ANY dietary restrictions, please tell us during registration so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

►  All photos/videos taken before, during, and after events are the property of Chambersburg Civil War Seminars & Tours. These will be used at the discretion of the organization and may be used for marketing and advertising purposes both online and in print.


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Chambersburg Civil War Seminars & Tours is an affiliate of the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of this partnership is to drive awareness about our local military heritage and support local businesses.


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